06/03/17 – Unedited

Author Note: I was rather depressed the past few days and couldn’t write. Trying to get back on the horse now.

Further down the street, a little more than a hundred yards away, a figure slid quietly from the darkness of an alleyway, footfalls muffled in the snow. From Jermichael’s position, he could clearly see the person who was scanning up and down the street looking for someone or something. Apparently, Jermichael’s team was too well hidden to be spotted from such a distance in such poor lighting as they pressed on further into the street after a cursory glance. Their body was too heavily clad in clothes to get details but still they moved quietly and confidently into the road, taking up a position against one of the mounds of snow, probably the remnants of some broken vehicle of which any number could be foundĀ littering the streets of New York City. Once there, they simply hunkered down, allowing the lightly falling snow to cover and making no motions whatsoever.
After a minute or so of tense silence with no further movements, Will, the team leader silently issued commands to the team who began to slowly, and quietly, carry out their tasks. Louis, one of the other team members, removed the cover over “Molly”, A Czech-made sniper rifle. Louis had named it and his relationship with the gun made Jermichael question Louis’ sanity; however, despite that, together with Molly, Louis had gotten their team out of a number of ugly situations and were responsible for the largest number of body bags among the team members. Jordan drew out a pair of binoculars, coated with a special solution which reduced glare, thus making them harder to spot from a distance. Jermichael confirmed his apparel and weaponry before slowly shifting into position where he could exit the building as easily as possible. His fellow officers had dubbed him “Mini Mike” due to his short and slender build. He might not be the strongest member of the team, but he was definitely the most agile and it was usually up to him to handle tasks that required quick thinking and even quicker action. He would be the first through the window and using the suddenness of his exit to make a surprise, he would be the one responsible for laying down cover so the others could exit behind him. He would also be the one to chase down the target should they attempt to flee which Jermichael sincerely hoped it wouldn’t come to that as it would mean losing at least one layer of clothing. For now though, he focused on steadying his breathing and shaking hands.