06/06/2017 – Unedited

From this position, Jermichael could feel the freezing wind upon his face, forcing him to squint as he gazed out onto the snow covered street. For a while, nothing happened, only a lone figure sitting out in the cold, but eventually, another figure emerged from another darkened place on the opposite side from where the first had come from. Then another and another, each appearing briefly after the last and from alternating sides. The original person stood up from his position and joined the side with the smaller number, making a total of seven people on each side.
Each group stood facing the other and from the team’s location, Jermichael couldn’t make out any voices or sounds. Out of the corner of his eye, Jermichael could see Will, silently dishing out a new set of orders, a strange, deadly pantomime, telling the team whom to focus and kill. Nodding in response to his orders, Jermichael flexed and released his right hand, trying to relieve a bit of the tension that threatened to set his adrenaline alight.
Jermichael looked back to the street to see that negotiations had begun. The volume was still too low to be heard over the wind but clearly it was heating up as the gestures that two of the people were making was becoming more and more exaggerated. Their argument went on for a brief moment before one of the mans heads simply, flickered and disappeared amidst a gout of flame.
Everyone, including Jermichael’s team, froze.
The real danger of magic in the modern era is its stealth. It requires very little in the way of external input and its virtually untraceable. In such a situation there is no telling who was it that cast the “Ignition” and the CV, Cerebral Vasospasm, wont kick in for a minute or two and even that might be hidden with good enough acting. Thus, the person who killed that man could have been any one of the remaining thirteen people including the victim’s alleged allies.
The collapse of the corpse was what shattered the stillness. A pistol was drawn and fired, its bullet ricocheting off some invisible wall protecting the target. Another person screamed as their clothes suddenly caught fire and the others broke in to a sprint, dashing or diving for the nearest cover.
“Go!” Will’s voice roared over the screaming and Jermichael moved, launching himself from the window and into the biting cold and open hostilities of the street. Momentum carried him to his first cover point where he came to a sliding halt. The screaming had lowered in volume in pitch as its owner collapsed amidst the snow, light fading from their eyes.